DRMS PTA Available Committee opportunities

The DRMS PTA has a few open positions for the 2012-2013 school year. The PTA meets once a month for about an hour to make decisions on how best to help our children and the school. Committee reps are encouraged to attend. A short description is included next to each open position. We have also created a notebook for each position with detailed instructions and hints and tips so you aren`t starting from scratch! If you have any questions about the positions below, please send an email to info@drmspta.net and one of our current board members will contact you.

VP Communications **filled**- publishes the monthly newsletter and keeps the PTA email distribution list current. ~3 hours/month.

Secretary **filled**- ensures we follows the PTA by-laws, takes minutes at the monthly PTA mtg, records votes, and helps to follow up with any action items. ~3 hours/month.

Spirit Wear **filled**- works with a local vendor to design and provide clothing, etc for sale at various events. Involves a few hours in May/June to design and place the first order to be sold at the Open House in early July. This position requires several hours a week in July/August as we kick off the year and new orders are placed. Hours decrease after August.

Media Support - works with Ms. Ziller to coordinate a volunteer calendar for the media center. The online calendar is all set up and ready to be filled! ~1 hour/month.

Restaurant Nites **filled** - works with local restaurants to coordinate a DRMS Restaurant night once a month. ~1 hour/month.

8th grade celebration **filled** - coordinates the 8th grade committees for the picnics, dances, etc.

Office Support **filled** - works with Ms. Outlaw to coordinate a volunteer calendar for the front office. The online calendar is all set up and ready to be filled. ~1 hour/month

Box Tops**filled**- coordinates volunteers to collect/count box tops for shipments in November and February. ~1 hour/month

Reflections - an art program to appreciate our children who have a gift for the arts. This is usually run between August - October. ~1-2 hours/month.

Kids Vote **filled** - coordinate a Kids Vote for the school in November for the presidential elections.

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