This is a brief description of the committee opportunities that are available here at DRMS PTA. Your child will recieve a PTA membership form, on the reverse side, please select the committee(s) that spark your interest. Or download them today from our website (PTA Forms)

_____ Box Tops For Education – (Chair - Stephanie Fife) Organize collection and submission of Box Tops for Education.

_____ Character Education – (Chair – Kelly Isdahl) Work with teachers and staff to plan Character Education events based on the Wake County Character Education program.

_____ Cultural Arts – (Chair - Kim Bennison ) Work with teachers and staff and the United Arts Council to schedule and organize cultural arts (writing workshops, dramatic presentations, music, entertainment) events for the students

_____ 8th Grade Celebration – (Join the team) Plan and organize the 8th grade year end picnics, dance and other activities

_____ Fundraising – (Join the team) Plan and organize activities to raise funds to support the activities of the PTA

_____ Grounds Beautification – (Join the team) Work to maintain and enhance the grounds, landscaping, and campus appearance

_____ Membership – (Join the team) Promote and process PTA memberships, distribute membership cards and register all members with the State and National PTA

_____ Office Support – (Join the team) Coordinate parent volunteers to assist office staff during school hours

_____ Reflections – (Join the team) Publicize the Reflections program and coordinate submission of Reflections entries to Wake County PTA.

_____ SPLASH/Student Directory – (Join the team) Assemble and publish the monthly SPLASH newsletter and the annual Student Directory

_____ Student Directory – (Join the team) Organize and publish the annual student directory

_____ Website – (Open) Gather and publish information to reflect most recent activities that impacts the PTA’s communications efforts.

_____ School Store – (Join the team) Purchase merchandise for sale at the school store and organize volunteers to open and run the store

_____ Staff Appreciation – (Join the team) Organize teacher, staff, bus driver and custodian appreciation activities

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